C L & S, Inc. is a certified manufacturer and installer of Filtrexx International, LLC sediment and erosion control products.  This is an outstanding alternative to silt fence in erosion control applications and requires minimal maintenance while offering higher performance at a much lower cost.
This all natural Filtrexx system utilizes a three-dimensional tubular mesh sock that is filled with customized, bio-based, recycled compost and other organic materials as filler media.  SiltSoxx stops pollutants in two ways:  by allowing water to temporarily pond outside the sock, and by cleansing water as it passes through the sock.  This internal containment of sediment allows the FilterSoxx to continue to function long after silt fence would have collapsed.  It is for this reason FilterSoxx requires less maintenance than do other devices that merely block sediment.
The Filtrexx brand is the leader in addressing:
  • Sediment Control
  • Inlet Protection
  • Check Dams
  • Slope Protection & Erosion Control  
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Runoff Diversion 
  • Sediment Trap
  • Remediation Issues
  • Permanent Rill Repair
FilterSoxx are available in 8",12" and 18" dia. sizes.  These are are available by the pallet  or by the foot